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Middle-earth roleplaying maps

Here be maps! All these maps are my own handiwork, or derivative works. They are not canon to J.R.R. Tolkien's work, but extended sub-creation. Most of them have been born thanks to MERP Fan-Modules group. They are made for own Lindëfirion roleplaying game, loosely based on Middle-earth Roleplaying Game (MERP). I must especially thank Pete Fenlon, Thomas Morwinsky, Haerangil, and Eric Dubourg for their fascinating work that has give me much inspiration. Feel free to enjoy and use my maps for non-commercial purposes. If you republish them online, you must provide a link to this page and mention me as author. Further distribution and commercial use is strictly prohibited. High resolution prints may be available for sale.

Online map of Lindëfirion


Painted maps

Political maps

City maps